How long does my apprenticeship last?

A standard apprenticeship lasts for four years, an adult apprenticeship (available to those over 22 years of age and above with previous industry experience) lasts for two years with the exception of Painting & Decorating Adult Apprenticeships which is a three year programme.

I am registered under SBATC as an Apprentice, training towards an SVQ Level 3, on a four year scheme - What should I be paid?

Contractual rates of pay for SBATC indentured apprentices are set periodically by the Council.

These rates are the minimum which can be paid. An apprentice shall also be due an increment each year as he progresses through his apprenticeship on the anniversary of their commencement date.

Apprentices should be paid regularly and receive a payslip detailing gross pay, deductions and net pay.

Deductions or not applying any increase due in respect of poor performance cannot be made from wages due to an apprentice. These matters should be dealt with under the formal disciplinary procedures.

Please refer to "documents" page.

I am registered under SBATC as an Apprentice, training towards an SVQ Level 3, on a two year scheme – What should I be paid?

Please refer to "documents" page.

I am studying a 4 year apprenticeship and will be 19 years of age when I go into the 2nd year of my apprenticeship, what should I be paid?

If you are 19 years or above and going into your 2nd year of your apprenticeship, you will earn the appropriate national minimum wage for your age group during the entire 2nd year. In 3rd and 4th year you will revert back to the published SBATC rates.

What elements make up an apprenticeship?

There are three main elements in any given SBATC apprenticeship programme:

All apprentices must remain in employment for the full duration of their indentured apprenticeship and must receive appropriate training in the chosen craft.

SVQ Level 3 - all apprentices must attend off the job training typically undertaking and achieving all applicable programme modules for SVQ Level 3 in their chosen craft.

The final unit in your level 3 qualification is called a 'Skills Test'. This is a practical test undertaken approximately 6 months prior to the end of your apprenticeship. This test must be passed in order for you to complete your level 3 qualification and for you to become a recognised craftsman.

Should you fail your skills test on the first attempt, you will have the opportunity to retake the test at a later date. Your training provider will be able to supply you with further details on this.

What hours should I be working?

Your normal working hours will be 39 hours per week unless otherwise mutually agreed between you and your employer:

Monday to Thursday - 08:00am to 16:30pm (8 hours per day)

Fridays – 08:00am to 15:30pm (7 hours per day)

Should I be paid overtime?

Dependent on the requirements of your Employer you may be asked to work reasonable additional time, over and above your normal working hours.

You may refuse the request to work overtime without suffering any detriment.

 Apprentices under 18 years of age shall not normally be permitted to work overtime under this indentured agreement.

What Holiday Entitlement am I due?

Apprentices are entitled to 21 days paid annual leave each year (calculated pro-rata to service) and 8 days public holidays.

I’m off sick – Am I due any payment?

All apprentices are entitled to SSP (Statutory Sick Pay) if they satisfy the conditions.

I have concerns over a Health and Safety Matter – what should I do?

The construction industry takes the matter of Health and Safety very seriously. Any apprentice who has a query about any H&S issue should discuss it with their employers in the first instance, and if still not satisfied then should contact their Training Advisor or SBATC directly.

I feel I am being mistreated by my Employer - What should I do?

If you have any concerns over your terms or conditions of employment, including payment, we would suggest you raise a formal grievance with your Employer in an attempt to resolve any issues. Guidance notes on how to go about this can be found in the Document Download area of this site.



September 1st, 2016

SBATC Apprentice of the Year Awards 2016 - Nominations Deadline Extended

The Scottish Building Apprenticeship and Training Council has extended the deadline for the submission of nominations for the 2016 SBATC Apprentice of the Year Awards until Friday 30 September 2016.

July 8th, 2016

SBATC Apprentice Pay Promulgations 2016

New SBATC apprentice rates of pay will come into force on Monday 25 July 2016

May 19th, 2016

SBATC Launches search for 2016 Apprentices of the Year

SBATC is inviting the submission of nominations for the 2016 Apprentice of the Year Awards with the deadline for applications being Friday 2 September 2016.